She related information in a way that considered how all the four
personalities could receive the information she was sharing.  I watched as
people were enlightened about their own dominant personality types as well
as their spouse’s characteristics.  All around the room you could hear
people saying, “Oooohhh! Wow! Yep, that’s me!”  Couples left empowered
in their relationships and enlightened by the perspective that Natalie shared.  
She valued individuals in a way that many couples had not experienced in
that way before.
My fiancé and I took the personality tests and assessed our relationship and
ourselves.  I have to say that we came into the class already with the
Meyers-Briggs test undertow.  What amazed me and has since enhanced
our relationship for the better is Natalie comprehensive understanding of the
various personalities and how to practically apply that understanding into
making a relationship work.  I am a strong choleric and my fiancé is a
phlegmatic.  We know we are almost opposites in personality traits, but we
love each other very much and desire to let God have His way and make
what seems to be the impossible possible.  Natalie helped us to understand
that a Choleric is a doer.  No time to sit around and contemplate life and the
choices one could make.  A Phlegmatic on the other hand only wants
peace.  My fiancé is very slow to respond.  That lethargy, as I once
thought it to be, created many arguments.  So Natalie helped us to
understand that I, being the “do it right now person” have to give my fiancé
space and time to respond.  He on the other hand, has to stretch out his
natural default and respond.  So the last week has been really incredible.  
For once we have not had an argument, namely on petty details.  
…She used her personality to cut through our natural tendency to defend
self and help us understand who we are, strengths and weaknesses, and
how to live and love one another without losing who we are as individuals.  
It’s that spark of the opposing traits that make our relationship full of
passion.  Thanks to Natalie that spark won’t kill what God wants to bless.
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More Testimonials...
My wife and I attended the Marriage Connection meeting at FCC.  What
Cholerics and Phlegmatics are able to co-exist.  In response to this
question and many more Natalie’s insight and understanding of the
personality types provided a new fresh outlook for everybody in the room.  
I really enjoyed Natalie’s point, which explained while we all share
different traits we should not allow them to become overly excessive
behaviors where we are not able to work together.  

My fiancé and I recently completed a Personality Profile under the
guidance of Natalie Watts.  We were particularly impressed with the
insight that the Personality Profile provided for the both of us.  My
Peaceful Phlegmatic personality can sometimes clash with my soon to be
mate’s Powerful Choleric persona.  The results were not a complete
surprise to us as we’ve often commented that we were definite opposites.  
Far from signaling the doom of our relationship, however, Mrs. Watts
helped us understand the other’s natural tendencies and to not interpret our
reactions as an attempt to irritate the other.  For example, my Powerful
Choleric now understands that instead of pressuring me to make certain
decisions, that it is best to allow me some time.  She has also realized how
important peace and quite is to me and has made efforts to make sure I am
not deprived of it.  I have learned to delegate planning and organizing of
certain tasks to her.  Mrs. Watts has helped me to recognize my fiancé’
inherent strengths and how they benefit us as a unit.  What we have
learned will ultimately make for a stronger union.
The personality profile even gave me some insight as to how I perform on
my job.  My secondary (a very distant second) personality trait was
initially a Powerful Choleric.  Without any prior knowledge of my job,
Mrs. Watts suspected that this unnatural combination was a result of
learned behavior.  As someone who directly managers others (and trained
in this function) this was certainly true and explained why I find myself
having to make a focused effort with some tasks.
Mrs. Watts has been skillful in not only interpreting the results of the
Personality Profile, but showing us practical ways of using these
revelations to enhance our relationship.  We have immediately begun to
apply Mrs. Watts’ counsel and the outcome thus far as been pleasing.  I’m
confident that as we continue on this path, that even greater
rewards await us.