Toil Your Soil ~ Understanding You And Others Too!
If personality consultations were a drug......I'd have to say that I'm addicted.
Natalie is so passionate about personalities and I found myself tugging at the
information out of my own frustrations in some of my personal relationships.
I absolutely LOVE the one on one consultations and they have helped me
resolve some issues and help me know how to deal with and relate to people
according to their unique personality style......which I am discovering is more

I see myself being a life long MudWorks customer!

I attended the June 5th Mudworks workshop in order to better understand my
personality and how it works.  As I learned about the different personality
types strengths and weaknesses I began to be more confident my uniqueness.  
Natalie was gracious to give me help with a situation that I was having on my
job.   She identified the personality type vs mine and how I could better
communicate.  This was not only helpful but stress relieving.  Thank you
Natalie, I am looking forward to learning more.

Natalie really helped me understand the different personality styles. After
putting a few to the test, I was able to communicate with others in ways that
I had not before. It felt good to sit and converse with others and really feel
their hearts. I believe Natalie has found her niche and very qualified
to represent MUDWorks.
We attended a Marriage Gathering on May 22, 2009 at Family Christian Center
where Natalie presented the Powerful Choleric, Popular Sanguine, Perfect
Melancholy, and Peaceful Phlegmatic personalities using a dramatic skit and
lecture style.  Her presentation showed us the personalities in action, shedding
light on common areas of miscommunication in marriage.  We walked away
from the gathering with new grace and insight into ways to better
communicate and love each other.  
Natalie has the ability to address a large audience while reaching individuals on a
personal level.  Natalie is a private tutor amidst the crowd.  She reads her
audience, deciphers needs and provides clarification on key points.  

When Natalie first spoke to me about the personality styles, I believed I was a
Popular Sanguine.  With her help, I was able to identify additional elements of who
I am, such as my appreciation for loyalty, along with other attributes that allowed
me to recognize and embrace my Powerful Choleric “doer.”  Natalie’s teaching
encouraged me to temper my natural impulse to “do” in order to provide my
husband, a Peaceful Phlegmatic, with more opportunities to reflect.

What I most appreciate about Natalie’s breadth of understanding is her belief that
each individual is a unique treasure.  Her primary focus is to make sure that we do
not put one another into a box.  Natalie sees people as people, not categories.  
Thank goodness for her refreshing perspective!

She stresses the importance of self-realization to enhance our interaction with
others.  One specific self-realization came to me from the statement, “sometimes
people think I mean it, when I am really joking.”  This is a true statement for me,
which points to the Powerful Choleric tendencies.  Through Natalie’s teaching, I
am able to see that as I become more aware of who I am—with a conscious effort
to communicate more effectively—people will better be able to read my heart.

Mrs. Watts did a dynamic job with explaining the four personality styles with the
group.  These were Perfect Melancholy, Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, and
Peaceful Phlegmatic.  With her ability to share the unique differences of each style
with such clarity, we found it very easy to recognized traits that we possess.  I
learned that my most dominate personality style is the Perfect Melancholy and my
husband’s is the Powerful Choleric.  As we continue to talk about the evening,
both my husband and I seem to understand one another better.  Learning about our
personality styles definitely gives us a better appreciation for one another.  It was
most helpful to learn that our spouses do not do things to us with the intention to
spite us, but because that happens to be how they are hardwired.  We believe
anyone who would attend an event where Mrs. Watts teaches on the four
personality styles will leave with information that they can utilize in all types of
D.H.  & D.H.
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