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My Unique Design Works
by Natalie S. Watts, D.C.E.
Self-empowerment book
"Understanding our unique design is the basis for personal
growth. As we gain an appreciation for the strengths and
limitations we find in ourselves, we are able to gain an
appreciation for the contributions of others. Within the
pages of MUD Works, readers will find tools to help
navigate relationships by focusing on personal
development of oneself. Those looking for a
self-empowerment resource to help deal with the realities
of relationships will find MUD Works a relevant and
informative tool for personal reflection and advancement."
-Dr. Mason
"The Creative Crayon Color Party"
by Natalie S. Watts, CPT, D.CEd
Children's book
Come join the class on a creative journey
through an array of crayon colors as the
children turn into human crayons for Trinity's
birthday at the Creative Crayon Color Party.
"Mental Motivation
40 Empowerment Thoughts"
by Robert L. Watts, Jr., D.Min.
Encouragement book
"11:11 What Time Is It?
It's time to recognize the Power,
Purpose, Passion, and Potential
in your union"
by Robert & Natalie Watts
For Engaged & Marriage
"The Book 11:11 is a truly one of the most
fascinating and interesting books that I have read in
a long time. The number 11 shows up in so many
things in their daily lives and what they have
experienced. This is not about numerology or some
other pagan teaching or belief. It is about Biblical
truth and Christian experience. All who read this
book will find it just as interesting as I have."
-Dr. Carey
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