Personality Training
MUDWorks for your personal one-on-one training. These consultations can help with individual relationships
by answering specific questions about your personality as well as others around you. This private time helps
you to apply the principles of the personality understanding to your individual life. It is more beneficial for the
Personal Training to follow a
MUDWorks Workshop, however it is not required. The first session must be a
minimum of two hours. Every other session, set by appointment, will be charged in half-hour and hour
increments. Phone consultations are also available for your connivance. You may make appointments on an as
need basis. Personal Training is highly recommended and services people the best. Natalie,
Your Certified
Personality Trainer, can do personal training for $15/ half-hour or $25/hr. To request a MUDWorks
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Toil Your Soil ~ Understanding You And Others Too!
"If personality consultations were a drug......
I'd have to say that I'm addicted.
I absolutely LOVE the one on one consultations and
know how to deal with and relate to people according to
their unique personality style......which I am discovering
is more effective!."    T.H.
Author & Speaker
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