Being in MUDWorks has truly helped me to be effective in training my
child. I have a 6 year old sanguine (a yellow crayon) child. She is full of
energy and she loves to make people laugh. Being in a blended family, it
was hard for my husband and me to co-parent. After taking the class, Dr.
Watts helped us to communicate and better understand the personalities
and work together as a team!
~ C. B.

Works has helped me to connect better with my students and my
own children. Taking the time to know the different personality types as
well as the time to understand my children and my students’ personalities
has enhanced my capacity in reaching to the depth of their capabilities.
K. B.

Works helped me to understand my children's personality
temperaments. I learned what truly filled my little boys love tank. One
child is a Choleric (a red crayon) and likes to have complete
responsibility immediately, so I place him in charge of duties at home to
allow him to fulfill his core values. My other child is a Sanguine (a yellow
crayon) who wants to have fun, so we play games to make learning
exciting yet educational. I am a better parent because of the direction I
have received from Natalie Watts. Through
MUDWorks I have an in
depth understanding of my children's personalities. I stand behind
MUDWorks 100% and I recommend it as a prerequisite to great
~ R.H.

As a parent of two, I highly recommend parents attend a MUDWorks
presentation. I have learned how to effectively communicate with my
children based on their own unique personalities. Sometimes we as
parents think we can parent each child the same, but each child is
uniquely different.
MUDWorks will teach you how to see your child for
who they are.
~ L. M.

Works has been a tremendous asset to my family. It has been a joy
incorporating the skills obtained during the various MUDWorks seminars
and presentations. I have been able to better identify with both of my
sons and cultivate the best aspects of their personalities rather than
suppressing the things about them that I don't understand. I have
learned that each child and their parents come to the table with various
characteristics and life experiences. The difference we have can
sometimes cause discord, but with a simple understanding and
appreciation for each other’s way of thinking and feelings can make all
the difference in the world.
MUDWorks has given me the ability to
identify the best means of communicating & encouraging each child
based on their specific needs. As a result, my eldest son is becoming a
better communicator, while I am becoming a better listener. He is truly
finding his voice; not just with his parents but also with his friends and
teachers. It has definitely been worthwhile and would be a great benefit
to any family.
~ A. L.

Works has positively impacted the way I view and approach
relationships with children. I grew up in a family culture that had very little
to no tolerance for children. In our family dynamic, children were to be
seen and not heard, only speak when spoken to and expressing opinions
was unheard of.
MUDWorks has given me the tools to effectively interact
with all of the children in my life. It's fascinating to catch the first glimpses
of their personalities and to watch them unfold. With
MUDWorks tools, I
have been able to add a personal touch to my conversations with
children - even if I need to discipline. Since each personality is motivated
by different things, it helps me customize my approach.....and, it has
produced the results I've wanted to see. It works!
~ T. H.
My testimony of how MUDWorks worked for me was first understanding
my temperament and personality. Then, taking a deep breath as a
parent, I allowed my children to express their personalities. Also, knowing
my children don't always have the same liking or the same way of doing
things as I do, I studied each child.
MUDWorks gave me a precise
definition of how each child operates and my understanding was clearly
awakened that my personality as a parent didn't have to be overbearing;
not getting anything accomplished. Instead, I learned how to allow them
the space to express themselves, the job got done and we were all
happy. Example, I'm a person of order; everything has a place, my son is
not. He feels as long as his room is clean, no clothes on the floor, it's ok
to have a lot of junk on his dresser. But once I mention it in a calm and
cool way, which speaks to his personality temperament, he eventually
straightens it out.
~ G. F.

Works help me to understand a lot about myself, my spouse and
child. The MUDWorks book broke down the personality of a person in
four different categories with weaknesses and strengths. I learned I was
operating in my weaknesses, so I began gleaning from the other
personalities. This helps with parenting because I see where my son
needs encouragement and I help him glean from all four personalities, so
that he can communicate with anybody. It also helped me to
communicate better to my son and husband because now I know their
personalities; it helps me to connect to them.
~ K. P.

Works has definitely been a Godsend to me and my family. When I
watch my children react and respond in different ways about different
things, all I can think about is personality styles. My husband and I can
laugh and talk with our children most times as opposed to getting angry
and frustrated. As of right now, it appears our children consists of 4
Phlegmatics (green crayons), 2 Sanguines (yellow crayons), and 4
Cholerics (red crayons). My husband is a Choleric (red crayon), and I'm
the only Melancholy (blue crayon). Of course those are the dominate
personalities. That's an interesting dynamic. But it's refreshing to be able
to understand them and myself better, to be able to look for different
ways to connect with my children, and most of all at the end of the day be
able to laugh. Thank you so much for MUDWorks and for your
tremendous commitment to helping people grow in their relationships.
D. H.

As a single mother of three I think it pretty much goes without saying that
I have moments of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated.
Maintaining a household, working a full time job, and dealing with the
personalities of my kids have at times left me to feel like hiding in a
closet. Even though locating the nearest escape route may seem
reasonable in those challenging moments, I know that my children need
me, and so running away just isn’t a realistic option. Instead, I found
strategies to deal with the challenges I face as a parent. I truly count
myself as blessed to have experienced the MUDWorks training. The
program has taught me to embrace the fun loving nature of my Sanguine
(yellow crayons) babies, while still bringing productivity and structure to
their lives. Not only am I able to appreciate their personalities, but I am
also able to identify my own personality tendencies as well. I’ve learned
that sometimes my Melancholy (blue crayon) desires time alone, and
from time to time my Choleric (red crayon) temperament can be
overbearing. Understanding this has been invaluable because I was
beginning to feel disconnected from my children due to an imbalance in
my temperaments. If you’re considering taking this course I can testify
that it will be invaluable to your family.
~ K. J.
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