August 2, 2014
The MUDWorks Personality Conference

"Though I have been to MUDWorks events before, during this
conference I now see the perspective that my sister had of me."

"This was very nice. I think this has helped me understand my
children better."

"I am so glad I came because God had something here for me."

"Already, this has helped my employees get along better. The guys
that usually always clash, just stop and laugh with each other now. It
has definitely helped here in the work place."

"I was one of the ones who felt I already know personalities because I
have been to a MUDWorks event before. But every time I come, I get a
deeper understanding of myself and others."

"We enjoyed this conference. It was nice and entertaining."

"I never heard of this information, until now. The portrayal of the 4
Personalities were on point."

"Everyone needs to hear this information. I'm going to invite my
entire church next time."

"I wanted my co-workers to come because I thought they needed it. But
when I got here I learned that I was the one who needed it."
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