Toil Your Soil ~ Understanding You And Others Too!
About Us
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About Us
MUDWorks will help enhance those who are in personal and executive coaching businesses, counseling practices, teaching in schools, marriage training,
organizations, churches, financial planning seminars, men, women, and youth ministries; sales training, and even those who want to be better husbands, wives, and

We use the basic concepts of the 4 Personality Styles to help discover your unique design. Through understanding the powerful concepts of The 4 Personalities,
marriages have been saved, relationships restored, people have become effective employers and employees, spouses and parents, and so much more.

MUD sometimes can make a mess, it also has great assets and used for cleaning and rejuvenating skin pores. In addition, MUD clay, can be molded into a
beautiful piece of pottery. This is true with our individual personalities; sometimes they are a mess, but with proper tools can be molded into a beautiful, effective work
of art.  We hope to develop confidence in you to believe that
MUD works, "My Unique Design Works."

Soil, in its proper place, causes things to grow, but out of place is nothing but a mess that needs to be cleaned up. We believe that if you toil your soil understand and
work on your personality, it will help you be effective in all your business and personal affairs. If you accentuate your assets, it will camouflage your imperfects. When
you understand you and others too, you will be able to adapt your personality to be most effective in every situation. In the process of helping people understand
themselves, we believe it will enhance the understanding of others as well. In Proverbs: 4:7 it states: Wisdom is the principle thing. Therefore get wisdom. And in all
your getting get understanding.

You are unique. There is none like you. And though it’s beneficial to glean all we can from one another, you can only be you, because no one else will. You are an
amazing jewel created for a unique purpose. Let's find where you are on the map, how you fit in the puzzle, and help you be effective by accentuating your personality.  
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Certified Personality Trainer, Natalie S. Watts.